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In my practice I offer cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic therapy and Ericksonian hypnotherapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the assumption that our feelings and behavior are determined by our thoughts and perceptions (cognitions). When our cognitions are irrational and inadequate, we are no longer able to adequately control our feelings and behavior. This creates a distorted picture of the environment and the role of this person in it. The aim of cognitive behavioral therapy is to identify such cognitions and to change their content so that perception, feelings and behavior also change.

Systemic therapy

Systemic therapy is one of the scientifically recognized psychotherapeutic methods. According to the systemic approach, the social context, i.e. family, circle of friends, etc., is ascribed a special role in the emergence and development of mental disorders or mental stress. Systemic therapy is solution-oriented: First, the client's own resources are determined and starting points for suitable solutions are developed from them. A special focus of the therapy is on changing the relationships that are important for the mental disorder, for example between the client and their family system.

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