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Areas of expertise


Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental disorders with pathological value, e.g. psychosomatic illnesses, depression, compulsions, fears, eating disorders, etc. The treatment is carried out using psychological methods: mindfulness training, relaxation processes, cognitive methods, psychotherapeutic conversations and behavioral exercises. During psychotherapy, the pathological deviations in thinking, experiencing and behavior should be identified and, if possible, eliminated. In my practice I offer cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic therapy and modern hypnotherapy according to Milton H. Erickson.

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Neurofeedback training

Neurofeedback is one of the established, scientifically recognized methods of classic behavioral therapy. A healthy brain is like an orchestra: all instruments - from violins to timpani - play their parts as loudly and as often as the piece of music calls for. But with a mental disorder, the instruments play their own tunes: It's supposed to be a relaxing violin part, but the drums interfere with a frightening rumbling.

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Psychological counseling

If your mental health problems are not pathological or if you find yourself in a difficult life situation and need support, I can offer you psychological counseling. The same psychological methods are used here as in psychotherapy.

My approach

My therapy concept combines conversation-based psychotherapy approaches, such as systemic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, with modern hypnotherapy according to Milton H. Erickson and neurofeedback training. This is a holistic therapeutic approach because we work on the mind and body at the same time to unfold your Self.


For many centuries, physical and mental ailments have been considered separately. However, the brain is a part of our body. And our body is the home of our Self. When our body suffers, our mind suffers. When one has mental ailments, the body also suffers. I consider it my duty to explain the connection between mental and physical health and to pass this knowledge on.

In my private practice I advise in three languages: German, English and Russian.

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